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Introducing A Star: Meet Elliott!

by Meghan Garland April 01, 2019

Introducing A Star: Meet Elliott!

How long have you been working at GlitterStarz?

-I have been an employee for almost a year.

How long have you been a Graphic Designer?

-My graphic arts career began in my senior year of high school, which was back in 2012. My original background was in fine arts and it wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I committed to studying graphic design.

What is your main role at GlitterStarz?

-My main role is to produce artwork that goes out to the customers. The art I create is turned into uniforms and other forms of apparel. Essentially, my responsibilities, along with our unparalleled customer services, is what convinces gym owners and coaches to invest in our business. It’s what sets everything in motion and it’s what represents our unique brand as a company. There’s no doubt of course, that there're many challenges to this job but there are times when you welcome them for the sake of learning.

What is one fun fact about you that customers may not know?

-Before I was a graphic designer, pencil illustration was my main trade. Admittedly more therapeutic than the former but it’s not always the easiest to make your hobbies marketable. If it wasn’t for my fascination with Illustration, I may not have segway to being a graphic designer.

  What do you like to do in your free time?

-What I like to do varies from time to time but besides drawing, I do enjoy playing video games.

What is your favorite type of product to design?

-Generating dye sub patterns is one of the most taxing but also most gratifying tasks you can do on the job. To keep it brief, dye sub is the process of printing ink patterns on clothes. Digitally constructing a new uniform is one thing but having the mental capacity to create something that looks like it came from an online stock footage store... that’s where a skill comes in.

Is there any single design that has stood out to you in the past year / that was a favorite?

-One of my more recent items I’ve made was a dye sub Practice Wear set I made for Allstar Rebels Revolution. And with every new pattern I make I like to give it a name, which I refer to as the “Hyper-Light” design. It took 4 hours to make... so yes, I can say without hesitation it’s something I’m very proud of.  
(see below for image of Allstar Rebels design)

  What is your favorite part about working here?

-My favorite part of this job is the opportunities that it gives me to expand my creative imagination. And also, to be part of the Glitter Starz Family is to be part of something really great. To be amongst the most down to earth people who work so hard is a privilege. As small as our company is, every victory we have, big or small, it doesn’t go without a celebration. And in my position in particular, it isn’t without its sacrifices but when you’re working in an environment where you’re appreciated for what you do and treated unconditionally despite the things you may overlook. I can’t imagine a better place to be.

What do you hope for looking ahead into 2019?

-Everyday is a new day, the best I can do is to look inward and be grateful for what I have.

Self portrait done by Elliott

Hyperlight Design done by Elliott for Allstar Rebels Revolution

Meghan Garland
Meghan Garland

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