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Welcome to Glitter Bingo by Glitterstarz ! We are so excited to bring you this fun new activity, with a chance to win PRIZES in every new edition !


Please read all of the rules below carefully before participating.

  1. Image may be saved to your phone for easy editing or printed & crossed off with a pen/marker.
  2. In our First Edition Bingo, tasks in each box are considered "complete" if the activity was done between Jan 1 2019 through April 30 2019.
  3. "Make a Referral" spot will apply only if the referred team makes a purchase or signs a Good Faith Agreement.
  4. "Open a Webstore" spot will apply only if the webstore sells 5 or more items.
  5. "Find the Bow" information can be found here:
  6. March Crossword puzzle can be found here: . Completed puzzle must be submitted with completed bingo if that spot is crossed off.
  7. Likes, shares, and purchases will be verified at the time of Bingo submission (Before confirming a winner). "Like a Facebook post" and "Comment on an IG post" both refer to posts by GlitterStarz Inc. only (you must like or comment on our page).
  8. "Post a photo" spot must include hashtag #glitterstarz and #glitterbingo
  9. Middle spot is FREE
  10. Only one winner per Bingo Edition. Please do not post your completed bingo publicly until all spots have been confirmed by the GlitterStarz team.
  11. To submit your entry, please email with "GLITTER BINGO " in the title of the email. Please include a photo of your completed bingo squares as well as a link to your Facebook and/or Instagram page if applicable to the completed squares.
  12. To win Bingo, 5 spaces in a row must be completed. This can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

THE GRAND PRIZE for First Edition Bingo: A Sparkle Surprise Box including 6 total goodies. Included is a voucher for FREE shirts for up to 3 coaches / studio owners / or parents... plus 5 other surprises! You and your team will also be featured on our Facebook and Instagram as the winners!