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Step 1 : Pick the Fabrics

The first step in our production process is to select fabrics. If fabrics are pre-determined by the art proof, those exact fabrics are used. If fabrics need to be printed, made in our local factory, or ordered, this is the first step of production. GlitterStarz chooses the best quality fabrics to ensure a lasting garment that allows for comfort & stretch. We offer many specialty fabrics such as holographic, mermaid print, ombre, geometric, and more!

Step 2 : Cut the Patterns

The next step is to cut the fabric to fit our sewing patterns. Our professional cutting staff uses top of the line equipment to ensure lines are cut straight and correctly. Our machines allow us to cut a large stack of fabric at once. The cut fabric is then inspected by a supervisor before being sent to pressing/ cutting.

Step 3: Design and Press the Logos

The next step is to press logos on (for products which have vinyl or rhinestones), or to embroider logos (for products which have tackle twill logos).

Our vinyl experts cut the material with perfect sizing to fit the uniform, and weed out the excess. Our rhinestone artists create patterns, choose the perfect color stone to match the fabric, and prepare the logos for pressing.

Cut fabric is carefully organized by size, while logos are placed on the chest area accordingly. The presser will use a heat press to adhere the vinyl or rhinestones onto the fabric. The machine creates pressure and heat of over 300 degrees to ensure a long lasting logo.

Step 4: Sew the Uniforms

Our team of expert seamstresses now sew the uniforms. Different machines are used for different purposes, i.e. arm inseams, binding, drawstrings, and tag attachment. Uniforms are passed down the line as each part is completed and remain sorted by size.

Step 5: Uniforms Complete!

As the uniform sewing is completed, each piece is placed on the corresponding mannequin to ensure fit is correct. The products are also inspected by the designer and sales rep to ensure the product meets quality & design standards.

Depending on the design, additional rhinestones or vinyl may be pressed on the garments at this time.

Step 6: Final Inspection & Boxing

The uniforms undergo a final inspection and count. Each piece is checked for rhinestone placement. Items are tagged and bagged by size. Washing instructions are included with each uniform. Items are boxed with the packing slip, return form, return policy, full product offering sheet, social media cards, and POP ROCKS !

Step 7: Happy Customers!!!

Depending on the shipping option chosen, items arrive within 1-5 business days after shipping. We reach out to make sure you LOVED your order and everything is fitting great. See below for REAL FEEDBACK from this uniform customer, San Diego Show!

"They are great! A far cry from what we usually have for our half season! I look forward to doing more business with you!" - Debbie