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Loyalty Starz

Loyalty Starz is expanding this year !

Our surprise for day 2 of our #10forour10th celebration is 10% off for ALL returning customers in 2017 !

Stay tuned for more information on our loyalty discounts program for returning customers.

p.s. We can BUNDLE up packages of multiple items to save you money! 

Look below... Matching warmups and uniforms?  Practicewear and Uniforms? When talking to your sales rep, do not forget to mention LOYALTY STARZ, and we will reveal to you, your exclusive savings for your package.These are absolute exclusive deals that we release to our customers who purchase more than one line from us.

 Thank you for being a loyal GlitterStarz customer! 

GlitterStarz Rhinestone Warmups and Uniforms GlitterStarz Custom Practicewear rhinestones bling