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Trust Fall

One athlete falls back while two athletes are there to catch her/him. This activity is meant to build trust between athletes. Make sure this game is supervised, and play on mats if possible. Make sure the athletes catching are strong enough for the athlete who is falling :)

This one is Liz's favorite !


Air Guitar Contest

Have 2-3 athletes at a time "air guitar" while rock music plays. You can also switch up the music halfway through a performance to keep it interesting , or have athletes tag in and out on each team when songs switch.

This activity is great for practicing attitude and facials !

This one is Rachael's favorite!


Bow Coloring

This one is great for younger athletes. Purchase or make simple white crossgrain ribbons. Use fabric markers to color names, words of inspiration, or whatever your heart desires !

You can also play this game with partners and make bows for a friend/ teammate!

This one is Meghan's favorite!