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Secret Santa

Secret Santa is always a fun team building activity that allows the athletes to learn more about each other. Each person selects randomly (you can put names in a hat, or use an auto name generator website to choose each person's Secret Santa). The name you choose is the person you must purchase a gift for! Keep in mind, the dollar amount should be low as to make it a low-pressure fun activity.

Before each athlete is selected, have everyone write down 3 fun things about themselves that may allow for easier gift shopping. For example, "Sarah: Loves unicorns, is 12 years old, loves everything PINK ! "

Have your athletes bring their gifts to practice or exchange gifts during your gym/studio's Holiday party.


Holiday Songmaking

Have your athletes break up into groups of at least 3-4 people per group. Randomly select from a hat a Holiday song, such as "Jingle Bells" or "Deck the Halls."

Have your athletes make up their own words to the song that incorporate Cheer, dance, or Gymnastics words. If you have time, they can also make up dance moves to the Holiday song !

Have each group perform their song/dance in front of the whole team. Optional: offer a prize to the best song & dance group!


Words of Encouragement

Have your team split into groups of 4-5 people. Each athlete gets a sheet of paper printed with 3 questions (allow 4-5 lines for each question to be answered to each group member).

For example, team member "Tatiana" as a sheet which says the following:


What I like about her ____________________

What I wish for her in 2020 ___________________

She is really good at _____________________

Each member of the group answers the three questions about their other team members. Each team member goes home with a sheet full of compliments and wishes for the new year. This activity is great for confidence building!

Holiday Tree Crafting & Goal setting

This one is great for teaching athletes to achieve their goals. At the beginning of the year (or season), have each athlete write down 10 goals they wish to achieve by the end of the year (or season).

For example, I want to make more friends, I want to perfect my back handspring, I want to fund raise for new bows. As each athlete achieves a goal, they get to choose a star (or ornament ) and save it in a safe place. During your Holiday party, Each athlete can decorate a small felt tree with their ornaments or stars. Display each tree on the wall as a Holiday decoration, so athletes who met all of their goals can show their parents and teammates what they have achieved.

Tip: Felt sheets are very inexpensive at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.


Which activity is your favorite? Do you have another team building Holiday activity you participate in with your Gym or Studio? Tell us below on Social Media !!