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Glitterstarz Inc. is so proud to be a part of the Open Championship Series ! This amazing company is ready to provide positive change in the Cheer & Dance industry.
Competitions are now re-imagined to provide solutions to problems that Coaches and Gym owners experience every day. 😀
PLUS - now when you purchase practice wear or uniforms from GlitterStarz, you can receive up to $15 off your Open Champion ship registration on top of your qualifier credits!

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NO LIMIT SPORTSWEAR is a cheerleading focused brand that embraces the mindset of the cheerleader. Our mission is to provide cheerleaders with durable, lightweight, high performance shoes and accessories. We take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, and continue to strive for perfection as we are committed to you, our valued customers.   No Limit's products are designed, tested and approved by coaches and athletes themselves. Click the image above to shop No Limit products.

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Star Spirit Events are the perfect fit for any gym or studio regardless of size or budget! Along with athlete & coaches gifts, custom medals for EVERY ATHLETE and awards for all teams, Star Spirit Events also offer onsite photographers to get the perfect shots you might've missed, TONS of vendor booths at all events, giveaways, and most of all - an UNFORGETTABLE competition experience!

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