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GlitterStarz FAQ

1. Do you charge any artwork fees?
Absolutely not.... Pretty cool, huh? We provide all upfront virtual dot image proofs free of charge.  Since we do not charge any artwork fees, we do ask for you to provide the artwork that you would like to replicate in stones..

2. How long should it take to receive my artwork back to approve?
We like to strive to get all artwork back to your approval within 48 hours.

3. What type of files do you accept to replicate in bling?
We would prefer a Vectorized file, which will in turn get it approved to you faster, but we can accept any image files... JPG, GIF, etc.... We have even received "hand drawings" before.... We do not recommend it, but we can really work our magic with anything. ;)

4. What is the difference between BLING IT ON and ordering WHOLESALE?
Pretty simple.... BLING IT ON, the online fundraiser webstores.... We do all the work, with little involvement from the gym.... and WHOLESALE, you will be doing majority of the work, and we will just "produce" the products...We offer something for everyone..... With wholesale,
we will give you ROCK BOTTOM prices, yet all we will do is produce.... you the coordinator or the gym, will need to correlate all orders, pass out, handle sizing questions, and be in charge of collecting the money....

Through BLING IT ON, we offer a whole shopping experience to your athletes and parents.... We will build the online store, we will provide you with the advertising materials, we will handle all the customer service questions such as sizing, etc... and they will pay online
through us.... All will receive FREE SHIPPING if chosen, and we will individual package and deliver one group shipment to the gym..... You the gym will receive the designated fundraiser portion with the piece per item as a fundraiser check.... BLING IT ON BABY!

5. Uh oh... I placed my order, and realized I put the wrong size. What should I do?
Please just email and we will make any adjustments to your order.

6. In my shopping cart, my checkout shows a higher dollar amount than the items I really ordered? YIKES... whats going on?
Most likely, you have YES checked for all personalized items... This will add an additional 7$ to each item ordered. If you would like them personalized include the names, if not... just hit backspace and click "No" for personalized...

7. I am confused, where are you going to ship my order?
During each BLING IT ON fundraiser, we offer FREE SHIPPING if placed within the 2 weeks, and will do 1 group shipment to the gym. Each order will be individually packaged and labeled with your order.

8. I am stressed about sizing...  What should I do?
On our sizing chart page, we have our WARMUP sizing chart, and our Creation Collection sizing chart.... These are only for warmups and sports bras.  For all items on our BLING IT ON webpages, we offer products from many different suppliers.  Please email or call us and
we can help you with this. Remember most fit JUNIORS sizing.... so order a size up to be safe! In juniors, if you order a size up... it will not be baggy and loose, it will just give a little extra wiggle room.9

9. I just got my order and I LOVE it, I want more?  Can I order more?
If your webstore is closed, and still would like to order... please choose the ground shipping and we will ship within 2 weeks to your home. If you choose the FREE SHIPPING, it will go with the next group shipment to the gym... Keep on BLINGING!