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Introducing a Star: Meet Jen

by Meghan Garland May 11, 2019

Introducing a Star: Meet Jen

Explain your first "day" of work, and how you were dubbed 'Employee of FOREVER'!!!

OK, First, let me say that I've worked in the restaurant business my entire life. I was raised working in my families store and so on and so forth. So, with that being said, WE NEVER CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS. Well, when I applied and got the interview here at GlitterStarz, it was on Friday December 22. Monday being Christmas. SO when Liz says to me "we will start Monday" I assumed( and you know what they say about assumptions) that we were also a company that is open on Christmas day.
Fast forward to Monday, Christmas Day. My husband is telling me "Babe, I'm telling you, no one is working there today, she just didn't realize that today is Christmas" to which my response was " I am not going to miss my first day of work at my new job because YOU think they are not in the office", and proceeded to get dressed and head to my first day at my brand new job :)
I get in the car, in a great mood, listening to music and getting geared up for the day......As soon as I pull in the parking lot, there is not 1 car, no tire tracks, no footprints,NO NOTHING(hubby was right! UGH). I call Liz and leave a voicemail to let her know that I did show up when she told me to but, was pretty sure that nobody else was there. I get a reply 2 seconds later saying she was sorry and didn't realize when she told me to come in that it was actually Christmas day(Hubby was right again!). Moral of the story is that I showed up when I was told and did not just assume that we would not be here.....
Side note: My first birthday parties theme here was, yep you guessed it, CHRISTMAS!!!

what is your main job at glitterstarz?

-I am in charge of invoicing and purchase orders. Once the sales rep has made the sale, I invoice it, and send it to the customer with payment options. Once its Paid, I send it off to our various cut and sew departments, depending on the items being purchased.One thing I LOVE about this position is watching the product go from a proof to the live product. Its very gratifying to see all the hard work that goes into each piece from each person here.  
Right: Jen with her brand new puppy, Ava

What's your favorite aspect about working at GlitterStarz?

-My favorite thing about working here has to be the family atmosphere. We are all like family through and through. I have just recently lost my mom and I cant tell you the out pour of support I received from here. It was absolutely heart warming and made me feel so much better about a very difficult time. All of my co-workers came to the services and it was amazing. For them to take time out of their busy lives to come and support me was beyond words...So for that I thank each and everyone of them. But, That is just the kind of people that they are :)

  You see so many orders come through, what has been your favorite "piece" that you have seen from start to finish?

-My favorite "piece" that I've seen go from proof to live product has to be our "water uniform". The work and intricacy that went into that uniform is absolutely amazing!! Our designers NAIL it every time.

What's been your favorite part of 2019 so far?

-My Favorite part of 2019? That is kind of a tough one. It's been a very interesting 5 months. But I would have to say, Worlds and Summit. It was awesome watching these beautiful outfits come to life for these girls that have worked so hard all year long to get their bids.

What is one thing people might not know about you?

-One thing people might not know about me? I cant say I have an answer for that one. I am pretty much an open book. There isn't much I don't say about myself.

Thank you Jen for taking the time to answer all of our questions :) We love having you here at GlitterStarz!

Meghan Garland
Meghan Garland

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