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Spotlight on Skye Dolecki: An Exclusive Interview

by Meghan Garland December 12, 2019

Spotlight on Skye Dolecki: An Exclusive Interview

  1) How long have you been wrestling, and how did you get started?

"I have been wrestling for almost four years. I always watched wrestling with my mom actually, so the love for it started there and just grew and grew as I got older."


2) Who is your favorite wrestler that you look to for inspiration? Who else in your life inspires you or helps you to achieve your goals?

"I wouldn't say I look to just one person for inspiration, there's so many talented wrestlers out there you can learn so many different things from different people. My mom definitely inspires me to follow my dream. She couldn't believe me when I said I got a tryout to start training to be a professional wrestler, but as she watched me train and then start performing she fell in love with it just as much as I did. Some days I give her a heart attack, but she knows I love the wrestling so she deals with my crazy tendencies to jump off the top rope or be thrown at people." 

3) Where and when can people come to watch your matches? 

"So I wrestle for multiple different companies and some are in the Chicago-land area and some are out of state. Some of the companies I wrestle for include CSW, Chicago Style Wrestling. GPW, Global Professional Wrestling. LLT, Lucha Libre Total, Fusion Pro Wrestling, and many more. But my matches do get posted on Youtube, and you can find those on ArticulatorSK Youtube channel."

4) How did you find Glitterstarz, and what made you choose us for your custom apparel?

"I actually found Glitterstarz very early in my wrestling career on accident, my mom and I were out shopping looking for gear because I needed some on short notice, and I remember googling something about cheer or dance wear and Glitterstarz popped up, so I came out to Glitterstarz thinking it was a store, but that's when I got to meet you all and see all your amazing work and that's when I knew I wanted you guys to make my gear."

5) What is your favorite custom design by GlitterStarz so far, whether an outfit for yourself or for another team?

"My favorite design would definitely be the Cat woman inspired gear that I had tried on for the Florida fashion show. It looked so stunning and I love wearing black and all the details and sparkles, it's just perfect."

One of recent designs made by Glitterstarz.

This was Skye's first commissioned design
sent to Glitterstarz

Skye Dolecki's designs for her wrestling gear coming to reality.

6) What is a short term goal and a long term goal you have in your wrestling career? 

"A short term goal I would say would to get my act together and get my merchandise created, so 8x10s and T-shirts for the fans out there. A long term goal would to be able to travel to different states to do this, I want to wrestle for as long as I can and would love to wrestle different people from around the country and even around the world."

7) What is your biggest challenge currently in your wrestling career?

"My biggest challenge I would say is just trying to handle everything all at once, sometimes it can be a little stressful, but I know it's most definitely worth it in the end."

8) What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

"I'm looking forward to all the new opportunities and being able to start traveling a bit, I've got a couple out of state shows that I'm pretty excited for and some new companies and being able to work with some of the guys I train with. So I think 2020 is going to be a really good year."

9) Any other wrestlers you have worked with that you want to shout out?

"A big shoutout to all the guys at CSW that I train and practice with, I'm the only girl but they all still work with me all the same and welcomed me."

10) Anything else you would like to share with us?

"Everyone at Glitterstarz is amazing and so great to work with whether is be cheer or wrestling gear and I love working with you all!"

Thank you so so much! :) 


Thank you Skye for taking the time to answer all of our questions. We wish you and your Wrestling Career the best of luck!  
Meghan Garland
Meghan Garland

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