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Introducing A Star: Meet Rachael

by Meghan Garland August 30, 2019

Introducing  A Star: Meet Rachael

How long have you been with glitterstarz, and how has your position changed?

This November will be 3 years for me. Saying that out loud is crazy to me, because time has literally just FLOWN by!! How has my position changed since starting at GlitterStarz? My position changes constantly, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I like to do what ever I can in the office to help our staff and customers. I started off here dealing mostly with customer service, but last year I was promoted to Operations Manager/Customer Care Advocate-- so now I just do a little bit of everything to help make GlitterStarz the best we can be.  

what is your most fun/exciting memory from working at glitterstarz?

My favorite memory thus far from working at GlitterStarz is probably our trip to Nashville for the coaches conference. Not only was it a great experience traveling with my boss, her family, and my office roommate (Meghan) - but the event itself lead to us having some pretty big accounts that I now call friends.
Left: Rachael, Deanna, and Jen getting ready to size a local team.
Above: Meghan and Rachael at Rachael's baby shower

why do you love working here at glitterstarz?

I LOVE my job. I can't say it enough. I graduated college as a Poly Sci major gearing towards going to Law School... After working in a Law Firm for 2 years as a Paralegal, I realized I just wasn't happy going to work. Every day was a struggle. Obtaining this position at GlitterStarz was such a blessing during a time in my life where I just didn't know how things were going to go. This company stands for everything small and large companies SHOULD stand for. Here at GlitterStarz, we are very family oriented. These just aren't my co-workers... they are family. Again, I LOVE my job!

what is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I am a woman with many hobbies!!! I am an avid Netflixer (I watch pretty much EVERYTHING). I enjoy kayaking, and being on the water. I enjoy traveling and visiting new restaurants/breweries. And I am a HUGE sports fan (Hockey mainly - GO BLACKHAWKS), so I enjoy watching and attending sporting events!

What are some of your favorite uniform designs or rhinestone designs that you have worked with in the past ?

My ALL TIME favorite uniform is our "Virago" uniform. Infinity Athletics was the first team to have done this, and I'm typically not a fan of white-- but the white, with the royal blue and the stone work is just stunning. It's my favorite!

What is one thing people may not know about you?

2. I am obsessed with the Minions.

What is something exciting that has happened to you this year?

On July 8, 2019 I became a mother to a beautiful Baby Girl. Her name is Eleanor Guinevere. :D
Left top: Meghan, Robert, Liz, and Rachael on a work trip in Pennsylvania having a blast in the arcade. Left bottom: GlitterStarz enjoying a visit from one of Rachael's favorite gyms, Famous Athletics

Thank you Rachael for taking the time to answer all of our questions :) We love having you here at GlitterStarz!

Meghan Garland
Meghan Garland

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